The Great Patch Conspiracy

Frank Gaffney is going nuts over a new missile defense logo.

This is a guy who spends his every waking moment terrified of something or the other, be it the Chinese taking over the Panama Canal,  or flaming objects falling from the sky. (Note: Gaffney takes most of his funding from the big war crowd – to the point where he has little model airplanes hanging throughout his CSP offices.)

In this case, however, he’s got a point. The Great Islamist Conspiracy is deeply embedded in the US Military. Here are some additional patches that clearly show this.

Note the use of the color green, and the direction, and if you turn to face east, that cannon is clearly pointing to Mecca.

218th Infantry Brigade.
210th Artillery Brigade.

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  • next Gaffny will be investigating the great “Marine Snipers are also Pirates” conspiracy.

  • Richard
    Feb 28, 2010

    More evidence of a Great Conspiracy – involving GIs’ food, no less:

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