The Rise of Siri is my first novella drawing upon my experience in technology, warfare, and analysis.

People seemed to like it: 

“So I guess maybe Tim Cook read The Rise of Siri?” – Klint Finley, Wired/TechCrunch.
“In some ways, it sounds ridiculous and absurd. In other ways, it sounds intriguing — though still absurd. In any case, Vaidya’s got a decent following. Matt Taibbi recently said his writing was ‘really stirring.'” – Richard Nieva, PandoDaily.
“Wow. This is very cool. Realtime future fiction/thriller. A new genre.” – John Robb, Global Guerrillas.
“Strongly recommended and….fun!” – Mark Safranski, Zenpundit.

From the “back” of the book:

Aaron Ridgeway, Director of Apple’s Security Division, spends most of his time suppressing leaks about iterations of the same old products.

It’s not amazing.

Neither is Apple. Not anymore. Under pressure from dividend-hungry shareholders and a never ending plague of intellectual property lawsuits, radical design has been abandoned for incremental profit.

But when Anonymous brings the global economy to its knees, crippling Apple, Tim Cook rallies his executive team and turns to Ridgeway to help save the company.

Now, Aaron Ridgeway is about to be plunged into a world of ruthless killers, drone warfare, corporate intrigue, and distributed fabrication as he tries to guide the company through its darkest hour and into its finest moment.

You can buy The Rise of Siri on Amazon.