Review – Krishna: A Journey Within

Krishna: A Journey Within by Abhishek Singh

The art in this graphic novel by is absolutely stunning – moreso because the creator did every aspect of this book. The writing is over the top at times – “The dawn of my childhood was nestled in a cradle of dreams” – though the story does not suffer for these indulgences.

That said, I wish there was more: when Krishna gives the two sides the option of either him or his army; Balarama leaving the battlefield; the lifting of Govardhan. These are major moments in the Krishna story that are inexplicably missing. I mean, edits have to be made somewhere, I get that. But I really, really, would have liked to see those scenes.

Major props to Image for putting this out. Indian mythology needs more reimaginations, more variants. It’s ossifying and dying, which sucks, because this stuff is rich and amazing and can be formative. (It was for me anyway.)

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  • Kamlesh Drolia
    Oct 4, 2013

    I haven’t read this book until today. But will have to read it now to see whats missing because i m great devotee of Lord Krishna

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