Friedman Noir

Matt Taibbi over at Rolling Stone had a Tom Friedman remix contest:


And now for the winners. The first grenade goes to “Shlok,” whose noir take on Friedman was really stirring — would make a great movie, like an upside-down, on-acid version of Out of the Past:


The same nightmare. 24/7/365. Always her, hopeless and beautiful. Giant sounds and lights mark a fight within the faith. Fire rages across her face. Acid eats her away. I fall on a grenade, then pull the pin. She tears, triggers, explodes. The midwife pounds chainsaw-nails-into-Saddam’s-head and suddenly she’s back. She’s chaos, she’s venom unleashed. Too little trust, I know, but I am alone, standing between her and chaos. What to do?

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  • Nicely done, man!

  • Funny! A similar effect can be achieved with second order Markov chain text generation based on a bunch of his columns pasted in to:
    Using the full Friedman corpus of columns would allow 3rd order text chaining and bring it closer to authentic Friedman-esque cognitive dissonance.

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