Resiliency Overview

A smart reporter looking to explore the topic of resiliency (as defined by John Robb, Jamais Cascio and myself among others) asked for a reading list. I’ll be putting together a packet during my free time over the next couple days (suggestions are welcome) but also offered this short overview:

Resiliency as we see it is the next iteration of modern/sophisticated warfare (there are other viewpoints, primarily coming from the peak oil community). This framework is useful in an era where the ability to absorb and dissipate systemic shocks is a much more viable strategy than any offensive effort (Iraq, Afghanistan).

Unfortunately, current generation governance platforms (nation-states) are ill equipped to deal with extremely agile technologically empowered groups (both those that pose a threat, and those clustering at the sub-national level that seek to provide governance solutions). As the security environment deteriorates, we will see next generation governance platforms rise. That is the nut that resiliency analysts are now racing against the clock to crack. A large part of it will be effectively hyper-localizing all supply chains (including all levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy, including education, knowledge, security, food, etc).

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