Obama’s Transition Insiders

Brooks is impressed with the quality of the insiders being brought into the fold. The real question, one that’s going unscrutinized, is wether or not this collection of talking heads will have quality staffers – smart, motivated, and full of ideas.

The other route, more often taken than not: insider pools like this turn into insulur pools, isolated from both reality and their own hierarchies – staffers turn into glorified interns, and DC spirals off into irrelevance again.

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  • Kevin Morrow
    Nov 21, 2008

    Impressive in creds, but still it seems more like shuffling the same deck of insiders employed by previous admins. It remains to be seen whether this is “change we can believe in” or just the same song with a different rhythm.

  • Righto. I suspect we won’t see anything major that’s not forced by concurrent crises until after the midterms.

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