Global Trends 2025 Downloadable Here

Lots of people having trouble with the offical site. I mirrored it here.

Frankly, it’s not worth the hard drive space: India and China are rising (due to a “growing middle class”), as are non-state actors, continued growth will be a problem, catastrophic terror attacks are more likely, but terrorism can be solved with greater economic growth in the Middle East,  Russia’s gonna be big too, “state capitalism” works. We’ll be powerful because of our focus on security and DoD and IC in 15 years too.

Update: Jeff explains why this one should have been better:

“In addition to increasing still more the participation of non-USG experts from the United States and abroad to develop the framework for the current study, we shared several drafts with participants via the Internet and a series of discussion sessions across the US and in several other countries.”

I wasn’t approached. Was anyone else?

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  • John Robb
    Nov 22, 2008

    It sounds like it is out of date before it was even published. LOL.

  • Heh. They completely forgot to include the market in their analysis – pretty big blindspot to have.

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