Idea: Improving Daedalus Touch

Following up on my review, Daedalus is great for writing and organizing parts of a workflow. Needs add editing functionality to close the loop.

I’m looking for the ability to blow apart a page (which are infinite). Specifically, a way to look at the elements of a page and reorganize them as needed. This would be invaluable in the editing process. Not just for stuff you write yourself, but things other people send you.

How this could work: Hit a “edit mode” button, and zoom out to see the entire page. To the right, you see the listed ‘snippets’. By default each snippet is a sentence. You can modify the length of the snippet by drawing a line over a set of words.

You can drag and drop the position of the snippets relative to one another, consider, and remove if necessary. This works with the current page and stack logic. Mockup:


Add versioning control and Daedalus suddenly becomes the only iPad app that takes advantage of the touch interface to help you get stuff written, developed, and edited in a slick way (really, without getting in the way – as I fear LiquidText will with all these features).

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