Design: Modernist Chair

As I work on MiiU, I am thinking visually on a variety of problems. All share the goal of building stuff in a cheap, locally produceable, DIY way.

In particular, I’m trying to marry this to the modern aesthetic I find inspiring (through the use of discipline). Also, a modern aesthetic is great for those interested in resilient production, because clean lines are easier for amateurs to execute.

In this case I consider the chair. This is a simple metal frame any self respecting welder can put together, along with a simple foam cushion, wrapped in stitched blue fabric. Cost? Maybe $50. Depends on the availability of the right metal parts.


Note: This can be dressed with a rich wood arm rest on each arm.

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  • I put some DIY chair designs up on MiiU awhile ago, there is a a page at “DIY Chairs”!

    • Beautiful pictures, peefrct for December. And what a wonderful church. The wood floors and ceiling made it seem so warm and comfortable, yet elegant. You did a great job, as usual.

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