Update on Echoes

Thanks to the hundreds of folks who have grabbed or read the ebook experiment. So far, half read it in the embedded Scribd, and the other half downloaded the iBook version. Would love to hear from more of you. How was the content? Design? Experience?

As of today, you can grab a variety of other formats, including Kindle, PDF, etc from Smashwords here.

The very, very short, free, “Echoes of a Life Well Lived” draws upon the the historic and fictional experiences to reveal how we can mentally prepare ourselves for each stage of our lives, and enjoy meaning and success in an increasingly uncertain world.

Readers will enjoy a fast read filled with lessons pulled from such diverse sources as Michael Corleone, Devdas, Karl Marx, King Ashoka, as well as today’s top technology leaders – Bill Gates, Tim Cook, and Steve Jobs.

You can also grab it from Amazon here, but unfortunately, I can’t set the price to zero. Please, don’t buy it, but if you can, do leave a review on the Amazon page. That would be much appreciated.

Things I’ve learned so far:

  • Sign up for an iTunes content seller account early (here). It is not instantaneous.
  • Adding a book to Amazon takes a little less than 24 hours. Updating it resets that timer. You have no control of pricing at free.
  • Formatting for Kindle can be awful. Figured it out. Protips: Use Sigil – a WSYIWYG ebook editor for tweaking.  Manually create the Table of Contents.

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