Twitter Revolution // Frustration

Friend Marc Ambinder discusses the value of Twitter in providing analysis of ongoing events in Iran. (BTW the right moniker is protest, not an insurgency, thus not a revolution.)

It must be said though, and not to bang on this drum too much, but Twitter’s feed is not an effective way of understanding what’s happening on the ground. It was useful seven months ago (much smaller audience), yes, but not anymore. Data overflow has rendered the presentation stack ineffective. At the minimum, a real crisis-Twitter would process data (not just provide a raw feed). Taken to its full potential, however, this kind of information flow can transform the world. (MUCH richer presentation stack required.)

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  • Abhay Agarwal
    Jun 27, 2009

    Several people have noticed this as well. Take for example a solution created specifically for Iran: http://iran.robinsloan.com/

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