The Massacre of Scholarship in Texas

Social conservatives (a paradoxical term at best) have destroyed the credibility of textbooks in Texas. Here is a great list summarizing the picking and choosing to suit a particular ideological agenda. The live blogging of the hearings is both hilarious, and mind boggling in its irresponsible stupidity. If these are not amended in May, teachers and students will be retarded by corrupt educational materials and curriculum for a decade.

If this isn’t a clarion call for reforming school systems, I don’t know what is. Growing costs, shrinking budgets, and now the product is infinitely less useful than it was? Start with the textbook system (electronic publishing offers a way to bypass the fat embedded in McGraw-Hill etc) and then shift to online learning (a single stroke can end the wasted cash flow on physical infrastructure and materials while simultaneously welcoming all to a world-class education).

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