The 26-Year-Old Health Insurance Limit

It’s hilarious to see the amount of whining across the country about the health care bill allowing young adults to stay on their parents heath care plan until 26. Lots of going on about “slacker children” etc etc.

This is one of the parts of the bill that does make sense, purely from a depressionary perspective. Currently 50% of college graduates are unable to find work, not because of a lack of trying, but because of a lack of jobs.

This is, of course, in a large part, courtesy of the same merry band of unbridled-capitalism-or-busters that’s losing it over this bill.

Wait until you see the joint-family dynamic kick in. These guys won’t be able to adapt. They’re completely unequipped to deal with a world where they aren’t the chosen few.

(The global norm is 2-3 generations of a family living in the same home, splitting expenses and getting by, with several members of the family focusing 100% on internal tasks.)

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  • For my honors thesis I have been researching the return to history of American families in NC & VA. Nationally, we’re seeing substantial rises in multi-gen homes, especially for single parents and parents struggling to raise their kids and take care of their own aging parents, amongst other arrangements.


    Your point that this is going to be a bitter pill for the many selfish and self-absorbed in this country is well-taken.

  • Eddie, cool!

    Lemme know when I can read the paper.


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