Flaming Lind and Boyd

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Thanks to Zen for the heads up on this thread titled “Boyd and Lind Rebuttal” over at SWC.

I was going to respond to William Owen but then, after struggling for a minute or two, realized that there wasn’t anything to respond to.

Sidenote: For someone who spends as much time whining about 4GW being marketing-speak for age-old tactics as Owen does, he sure does enjoy rehashing age-old infantry tactics and labeling them “Patrol Based Infantry Doctrine“.

Which he states:

As conceded at the start, PBI is not original. Much of it is already done, and well understood, though not in the context of what is advocated. It is entirely possible that, because of the emphasis given to nonoperational drivers, PBI may have no discernable merit but there may be merit in someone asking, “what is this PBI stuff and how does it work?”


BTW: Mark is putting together something called the Boyd Symposium on Osinga’s book.  Owen is participating, but there will be better reads.

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