Subtractive Design

 Subtractive Design

The temples of Ellora were carved down, rather than sculpted up. 1,500 years ago. Double the size of the Parthenon. (H/T to my brother for the picture.)

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  • Shrikant Kalegaonkar (@shrikale)
    Feb 8, 2012

    @MatthewEMay Give a look. Awesome! RT @shloky Subtractive design, as exemplified by the temples of Ellora, Maharashtra. http://t.co/WeWzL9hX

  • (@nof) (@nof)
    Feb 8, 2012

    Subtractive Design http://t.co/QEAM5UTD

  • Nimble Books LLC (@nimblebooks)
    Feb 9, 2012
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