State Bureaucratic Shifts

Larry Johnson discusses the prolonged innovation cycle/rule set shift lag timeFormer is consistent with Robb’s terminology and the latter with Barnett the CIA is experiencing as we begin the Global War on Terror.

Specifically his discusses the inability for a Beltway bound bureaucracy to instill a “field mentality” in its young case officers. Something the State department just got around to fixing with its foreign service officers in January when Rice announced a geopolitical shift of these officers from Cold War Europe to current “hot spots”.

Johnson cites the removal of Grenier (now former head of the CTC – Counter Terrorism Center) as evidence Goss may get around to reforming the CIA at some point; but makes sure to point out the future is bleak without a focused effort at dealing with this core problem.

The current turmoil at CIA will put this nation at risk if we do not get serious about training, supporting, and retaining a new generation of case officers who are willing and comfortable in working overseas for extended periods.

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