Ross Mayfield And The Company

Mayfield discussed blogs and wikis with the CIA – and has some mildly interesting stuff to say –

The agency perhaps has the greatest to gain from adopting social software, but also has the greatest hard coded structural barriers (need to know) and a culture that reprimands against participation.  Nevertheless, an Intellipedia and blogging at all levels in the organization is burgeoning.  There is a shared understanding that these tools, with the right practices and change in culture could transform intelligence from a manufacturing model that delivers reports to a complex adaptive system where intelligence is a conversation with decision makers, an inherently counter spin.

…See Calvin Andrus’ “The Wiki and the Blog: Toward a Complex Adaptive Intelligence Community.”

Also see posts by Eugene Kim, David Wienberger, JP and Mark Ohlert and Jay Cross…

Doesn’t sound like anything new was brought to the table, looks like they worked on the details of the system. Most of the big ideas have been on the table for quite some time. But it’s nice to see some symbolence of implementation.

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  • Chirol
    Oct 3, 2006

    The Council on Foreign Relations had a neat article about social networking software for intelligence agencies. Specifically, it mentioned blogging and flickr.com as models

    The paper is called “Thinking Straight and Talking Straight: Problems of Intelligence Analysis”

    It’s about 20 pages and worth the read.

  • Shloky
    Oct 3, 2006

    Thanks, I’ll have a look.

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