Review: Slouching Towards Dystopia

Read through Matt Carr essay titled Slouching Towards Dystopia: The New Military Futurism. It’s a mildly interesting mixed bag. His thesis is that this kind of futurism is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

While he critique of the over-the-top stuff coming out of DoD and Booz is somewhat on target, I don’t buy that argument. Sunshine and rainbows aren’t dying because I’m writing about a sophisticated internal insurgency controlling huge swathes of the Indian state.

Overall though, he picks and chooses what he wants to talk about to meld with an agenda I don’t really care about. Ex: He doesn’t really come down effectively against the rise of the feral city (claiming its combat in these areas is just war against the poor). He also makes far too big a deal out of $50 million on non-lethal weapons (of a budget of hundreds of billions).

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