Review: Increo’s Backboard Is Now Useful

In response to my review of Backboard, in short I said it was a castrated product without markup abilities, their CTO shot me an email when they fixed the problem. Now you can add a layer of red-pen style markups, very useful when working with formatting or a graphic.

Here’s where they should go from here:

  • The next step: Allow me to “place” my text commentary on the document in question.
  • Longer term: If it were able to handle multiple layers (think Photoshop, but one layer per person) you could juxtapose the various feedback loops and incorporate a variety of graphically represented thinking.
  • Create tablet/PDA clients and this could really zoom, ideally as part of the Google office package.

At that point it would make sense to “connect” with Google maps, satellite imagery, etc etc.

Anyway, it’s a smart useful web application, and I’m glad to see them run with it.

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  • Sounds like an interesting app, but couldn’t find it on the Internet. Is the app Still out there, perhaps under an other name?

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