On Phase Shifts

We go through phase shifts.

You apply work, and luck, and network to whatever you’re doing. Complexity builds. As it does, you can glimpse the adjacent future, what could be next, the phase after this. And it builds and it builds. And, as is natural, complexity shakes out to simplicity. The applications, the dates, the words, turn into the job, the relationship, the book.

I’ve done this professionally a few times. From school to terror, from terror to tech, from tech to music, from music to corporate, from writing to writing. The process clarifies over time. The goals don’t. They’re opaque until they’re not.

This is the first time I’ve done it on a personal level. Purposefully give no fucks, meet anybody and everybody, drink too much, don’t work as much as I used to/should, read less, watch more. Generally move forward but try to act without purpose. Do instead of think. Do instead of plot. Fail without noticing instead of fail with everything. Randomness. Chaos. New complexity at every step. Line up opportunities instead of executing on them.

The result is new, good friends, amazing girls new, and old, and interesting work.

It’s been a while since I wrote something here. Or anywhere, really. But moreso now than when it was the work expected of me, I’m writing. On warfare, on ambition, on technology. All while I’m at the heart of a desperate attempt to turn around 80-year-old, half-a-billion-dollar turnaround that touches hundreds of millions of people every day.

I won’t promise more, or even regular public writing. The complexity is still building. But I see what could be, and that my words are the means.

There’s a shift ahead.


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