On Life Arcs


There are hints in historic precedent and fictional construct as to who you could be, what stories your life arc may echo, shoulders you can rely on and shadows you should walk in.

Emulating will get you some of the way. Subconscious reconciling of your own experience and mythology will do the brunt of the work. But explicitly selecting a few models helps you make better decisions everyday.

  1. Run Family like Michael Corleone.
  2. Think Like Karl Marx. 
  3. Love like Devdas. 
  4. Design like Steve Jobs.
  5. Execute like Tim Cook.
  6. Give like Bill Gates.
  7. Retire like King Ashoka.

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1 Comment
  • Charles Cameron (hipbone)
    Dec 1, 2011

    Excellent series, Shlok.

    I just wanted to say a quick word of thanks.

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