New Ventures

After spending a year deep in the bowels of D.C., I’m out of the ‘think’ tank world. It’s time to apply my skillset to more pressing problems than the insular affairs of the failing nation-state.

First step: I’m building an information platform that will prove useful to communities looking to cope with sudden supply-chain uncertainty. I’m writing up a business plan and already receiving great feedback on the core idea. (If you’re interested in any aspect of this project, feel free to drop me a line: shlokv@gmail.com)

Beyond that, I’m looking for interesting stuff to tackle. Very open to booting up new and exciting companies, helping execute projects to embed resiliency (as I’m doing with decentralized security in India), and generally applying my worldview (expressed here, in numerous publications, and at Naxalite Rage) to adapt to a changing world.

On that note, I’ll probably be leaving D.C. soon to get home (Austin) and better prepare for the future. Would love to meet up with anyone in either city who is interested in the intersection of technology, warfare, and resiliency.

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  • Jeffrey
    Mar 29, 2009

    Best of luck on your new adventure, Shlok. You’re leaving DC just about the time that I’m heading in after leaving Microsoft to do my own thing. Change is both invigorating and a bit frightening.

  • Thanks J. Life is suddenly terribly exciting. Excellent way to thrive I think. Just involves shedding stress and embracing opportunity.

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