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Turns out, Lara M. Dadkhah is employed by Booz Allen. Via Hillman Foundation-

We found Ms. Dadkhah from work she did in Small Wars Journal, work that was part of her Ph.D. dissertation at Georgetown.  Ms. Dadkhah only recently took a job at Booz Allen. We tend not to mention the names of companies — as it can run the risk of seeming self-promotional. I thought it was sufficient to have the author say, as she did high up in the piece, that “While I am employed by a defense consulting company, my research and opinions on air support are my own.” It’s worth underscoring that Ms. Dadkhah’s research regarding close air support came entirely from her doctoral research, and that these are issues she has written about over the the last couple years for Small Wars.

Mark has it on good authority that there’s no ill intent here,  and I’ll go with his gut, but, to be fair, this is precisely what we didn’t want to see – Dadkhah’s working for one of the biggest defense industry corporations in the world that has a long history of pushing heavy airpower, whether we need it or not.

Glenn Greewald has more.

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