More Black Globalization

Farah touches on the lack of social mobility in Nigeria- due in no small measure to Robb’s Global Guerrillas as evidenced here – and how transnational Nigerian gangs are expanding black globalization into Afghanistan.

It also signals a new danger for the influx of massive amounts of cash into a region where disaffected armed groups are growing in power and influence while corrupt, incompetent governments continue to crumble and breed contempt. It also intersects with a region of the world where Salafist groups are expanding their appeal, reach, and support for armed conflict.

Unless we can provide basic services and industry (read social mobility) for the populace – and faster, and from our perspective, more efficiently than the drug networks can – our efforts are doomed.

This is where Robb and Barnett clash, as OSD talks about here

Both men are identifying the same dynamics. They just come to the discussion from opposite directions. Robb approaches the discussion from the GG perspective, asking “how can I disrupt this?” Barnett approaches the discussion from the Core (aka good globalization) perspective. His thinking focuses on “how do I keep this going?”

Barnett went into Afghanistan seeking to expand the global network. With our national security apparatus that is a long term inefficient process. Global Guerrillas have and will continue to exploit the lag between invasion and “provision” to their own ends.

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