Idea: Kickstarter for Lobbying

A variant on Kickstarter for lobbying initiatives. May as formalize existing flows of capital in exchange for influence so more can participate and benefit instead of just the few.

These could be local. Force a bank to clean up a foreclosed home. Front-yard garden/goat/chicken friendly laws. Make it illegal for debt collectors to be on your street. At the state level. End marijuana enforcement.

Figure out who needs to sign off on the permit/law. Fund their next election cycle (the current standard for bribing). Fund a decade of cushy non-jobs. All the standard lobbyist tactics. Retainers at restaurants. Fund their spouses non-business. Put their (18+ independent) kid through school.

Hey, bribery-as-a-service has a nice ring to it. Essentially act as a white-label PAC.

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  • I’ve actually had a similar idea. A non profit organization but like kickstarter which is used to fund civil rights lawsuits. It connects people willing to pay to end say drug laws, gun laws, free speech violations etc with lawyers willing to take them.

    While groups like the NRA rely heavy on lobbying, the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) is essentially just lawyers filing lawsuits. They won the Heller decision in DC and McDonald in Chicago.

    Propose Lawsuit.
    Get Funding
    Get Lawyers
    Get free

    • Nice. I think we’re going to see a lot more of these white-box efforts as lawyers are ubiquitious, capital is scarce, and broader issues affect more but less-rich people.

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