GG’s as 4GW and 5GW

Not sure what all the hubub is about regarding “incoherence” in Robb’s references to GG’s as 4GW or 5GW. The generational model is known to have a large degree of generational overlap. Refer to Chet Richard’s easy to read one page PPT presentation for details.

Global Guerrillas are advanced 4GW and early 5GW.

(On a similar note: This is why the idea of classifying GGs as 3GW is misguided. New generations internalize the previous ones, but leverage old methods to new ends enabled by a new societal context.)

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  • Dan tdaxp
    Oct 20, 2006

    Not sure where you get large degrees of overlap from that PPT. Remember back to Lind, and his definition of generation as a “dialectical quality shift” — not just some cumulative generation.

  • purpleslog
    Oct 28, 2006

    I think it is a new an interesting 3GW variant combing light infantry and maneuver warfare

    It has 3GW aims, uses light infantry, works against the physical infrastructure like 2gw/3gw.

    Robb has some interesting concepts that is for sure.

    We might really be butting heads against limitations of the of the xGW model.

    I wonder what a better model would look like: in order to describe what has happened, what is happening, lead us to insights on what will happen, and give us opportunities to shape the future).

    The simplicity of the xGW is one of strengths.

    The whole GG as 3GW/4GW/5GW is partially mental exercise to try out ideas and combinations of ideas – all good things.

    I was working on a revised/improved xGW framework but got sidetracked on soft power. My blogging frequency has been erratic since then.

    I am looking forward to Robb’s book.

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