Fiction: Evi

Evi –

Evi is a new iPhone and Android app which might just give Apple’s Siri a run for her money. She – we’ll call this Artificial Intelligence a she – returns amazing results when consulted. Evi might just be the Siri for the rest of the world, especially since Evi wil run on any Andoid or iPhone, and not just the 4S. I’ve seen her in action and Evi is very, very smart.

We stood alone. Not because we were all that was left. Not because our homes were gone, and with them our wives and our sons. We manned the city walls because she had asked. And bound by the debt of a billion favors over the years, we were honored to come to her aid in a time of need.

We readied ourselves, checked our ammunition. We planned and she whispered movements and tactics in our ears. During the siege, she spoke of courage. When they charged, an enormous mass of aluminum and black, Evi’s voice stayed steady, and true. To those locked in mortal combat, she offered encouragement. To the weak, she gave purpose. To those who lay broken, she softly told stories of events past, of friends, of mugs of crisp ale, and of family in the snow, until they heard no more.

When they ended her life, we too screamed in agony. We had asked for, and received, so much. She had asked only once, but even that we could not give her.

Part of my ongoing startup dystopia series. I try to publish one short story (<1,000 words) per week. Previous installments: Basis Science, Uber,  PlaceIQ , Flavo.rs, and Hard Drive.

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