American Narcotics: $10 Billion In Mexico

BG – How much neighboring countries black economies are benefiting off of American narcotics sales-

In one study, the Drug Enforcement Administration tried to figure out just how much Mexican traffickers were making off of U.S. narcotics sales. Analysts started with the amount of U.S. dollars present in Mexico and then subtracted all legitimate uses, such as money sent home by Mexican migrants in America. What remained were billions of U.S. dollars with no reason to be south of the border except as dope proceeds. The amount of “excess U.S. dollars” they found: at least $9.2 billion in 2003 and $10.2 billion in 2004.

Surprisingly, Canadian traffickers are making a similar killing – by supplying Americans with marijuana and MDMA. Again, the analysts took estimates of how much pot and ecstasy Canadians unloaded in the United States, and multiplied it by the going wholesale prices. The result: between $5.2 billion to $21.2 billion in drug revenues each year.

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