John Robb and the Global Guerrilla

John Robb is a businessman at heart and as such is focused on efficiency and profit. This comes through in most of his finance focused thinking and writing. He sees the advent of cheap and smarter technology intersecting with the illicit economy and globalization’s affects on the nation state to produce a new generation of warrior dedicated to the destruction of the nation state and globalization system in an effort to socially advance himself and his.

In the words of OSD

GGs use black globalization to disconnect a target state from the positive flows of good globalization. Tactics such as system disruptions erode the legitimacy of the state and establish temporary autonomous zones (TAZ) that can then be used as hubs in globalizations black network. TAZs are to black globalization what free-trade zones are to good globalization.

Robb is a AF Academy and Yale graduate, served in a “tier one” AF Special Operations unit as a pilot, and made money on the first iteration of blogs and RSS and all that jazz. He’s currently at work on a book on the GGs.

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