What Should Superempowered Individuals Do?

Terry Frazier makes an important point:

Current futurists and military analysts like John Robb (my source for the original story) are busily deconstructing the projected fall of the nation-state, peak oil,  the rise of non-state entities, etc all of which is important. But no one seems to be thinking about my problems in the way that Davidson and Rees-Mogg did – deciphering what all this chaos means to the individual – and more importantly what to do about it.

Some of this concern is mitigated by a point Robb makes in his book, that we are in an era of superempowered groups, not yet in that era of empowered individuals.

That stated, I too want to see the conversation move to what individuals can do to help shape thee communities Robb focuses on from the bottom up. For example, a very  basic step would be to move off grid, or to set up collective group-buys of off-grid systems and the like.

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  • Jackio Pulpiteerio
    May 15, 2008

    This might at first sound disjointed and possibly kooky, but I never let that stop me from moving forward.

    Initially an individual can not acquire anything, much less super empowerment, without a complete and self-validating belief in one’s ID-entity, and possessing the necessary editing mentality to cut the chaff from the wheat (casting out False Prophets, inside and out). This provides a solid base to find out what it is inside that is the PATH that individual must/always was going to follow to their Self.

    128 billion miles of DNA in our bodies (or so the present estimate goes), not including that of our mitochondria, the protien matrices, the chemical factories, our various parasites and symbiotes: This living universe that is each one of us and our perceptual exteriors: This is the ground upon which some have based their acquisition of “biopower”.

    Once understood that the science, religion, and philosophy of the day is crafted for either mass consumption or for academic utilization one can begin to experiment in fields outside the consensually accepted.

    Finding out who we REALLY are, where we REALLY came from, and what we REALLY want to do with that wisdom is the beginning of the construction of the Pyramid of ourselves, the Conspiracy of ONE.

    Our communities, the diversities, the convergences and dislocations of events and persons all stand to teach us what the living information (and it’s entropic counter-part) have in store for us as we stand before the megaliths of the transformation epoch.

    Human history is only partly techne, it will be won and conquered by a deep manipulation of Psyche and Vitality.

    As above, so below, and beyond.

    That is enough for now.

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