Maxifab – 3D Printing Framework


The heart of the framework consists of a set of plastic parts that hold the key functionality of the machine and allows for an almost limitless choice of case materials, designs, and dimensions.

This is a great idea, and what’s even cooler is that it’s already it’s already been funded via Kickstarter to the tune of $6k on a $5k ask.

Why is this important? You can, on the fly, build a 3d printer, of any size, using only locally derived materials in conjunction with a few parts that can fit into a backpack.

Added bonus, those parts will be able to be printed on demand. Think about this on an operational basis. You can ruck out to nowhere. Build a printer, print the framework. Then ruck out further. Build a printer, print the framework. Ruck out even further, build a printer.

In your wake, any designs you can store on a USB stick or iPad can be used to generate tools and in turn productivity.

That pretty amazing. A $5k project takes an already disruptive technology and takes it to the next level. Add the ability to modify/customize designs with a touch screen app and, key, the ability to print with locally available materials, and you’re golden.

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